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Saigon properties was formed in 1995 to meet the growing demand for a professional Real Estate company that conducted business in a professional manner. At the time, Real Estate was handled for the most part by local people with no experience and no ethics.
Thao Rogers became Saigon’s leading Real Estate broker very quickly and her name has become the standard for quality and honestly in a fast growing field.
Today, with Vietnam’s exploding Real Estate market, there are a great many people who have jumped into the growing Real Estate business, none have Saigon Properties experience, reputation or record of honest dealings. At Saigon Properties ethics are the rule not the exception. Today the market is full of fly by night, unlicensed and unscrupulous operators.
Saigon Properties is a small company. Every transaction is personally supervised and approved by Thao Rogers.
“It is much better for our clients this way as I can give personal attention to each and guarantee the best possible deal with no hidden surprises. It’s too easy to get lost in the shuffle with big, impersonal companies. We find it much better for our clients to deal with our small firm on a personal level.”
Thao has earned the respect of a large segment of business people in Saigon, both local and foreign. She has become a standard of reliability with her promise to her clients, “You have my word on it.”
A large part of Saigon Properties business comes from referrals from satisfied customers overseas.
Clients who have returned to their home countries after living in Vietnam refer others in their companies or friends who are planning a move to Vietnam.
They can contact Saigon Properties and receive information about desired accommodations before ever leaving home. They can select properties they wish to view before arriving in Vietnam. Saving a great deal of time and effort.
Some have actually leased properties without even inspecting the property, relying on the photo layout they were sent and relaying on Thao to take care of everything for them prior to arrival.
“Trust is everything in our business. Without it, we are just another local real estate company. Nothing special.”
Other local Real Estate companies take clients to see every house they are aware of, wasting the client’s time and money looking at places that are not compatible with their needs.
Thao say’s, “Screening properties in advance eliminates this waste of time for the client.” Our goal is to match our clients with the property they desire without wasting their time by showing them everything in the hopes that they will something they don’t really want.
I know from their comments from satisfied clients and their gratitude that they appreciate this service. I often hear clients remark, “You are certainly different from the last company we dealt with. They took us all over town showing places that were not even close to what we wanted. Places we’d already seen with other agents. All the Real Estate companies seem to have all the same houses to show. They just didn’t understand what we were looking for. They wasted a lot of our time.”
Thao’s American husband, Dan say’s “We formed this company in Saigon’s Real Estate infancy in Vietnam, Thao has brought legitimacy to the Real Estate business in Saigon. She does business the Western way, abandoning the ‘Vietnamese method’
Of “doing anything, honest or dishonest to make money.” She conducts business honestly and in a straight forward manner which is not the norm in the Vietnamese companies. There is a lot of dishonestly in the real estate business here. We don’t do things that way. We are here for the long term. Our reputation means everything to us.
There is nothing hidden in her transactions. No nasty little surprises waiting for the unsuspecting client who has no experience in dealings in Vietnam.