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Property ownership laws for foreigners changed in 2015

Towne William Baker , general manager of City Garden ( HCMC ) , said: ” The new law was passed allowing foreigners to own real estate is a good news has been waiting a long time for foreigners working in Vietnam as well as foreign investors want to capture the best opportunities from the economic development in Vietnam . This event marks a strong step to expand the real estate market in Vietnam before the wave of foreign investment.
2015 changed a property ownership law in Vietnam city garden project
City Garden project has opened the first sale of apartments for spouses of foreigners in Vietnam – and Katrin Haig Conolly – right at the time 1-7.
When told about the new law allowing foreigners to buy property in Vietnam, he excitedly said Haig HCMC owns a huge growth potential. Can easily see the infrastructure of the city is on track to complete along the commercial center and retail development around the city.
This change in ownership rules for foreigners will increase the attractiveness of the market to foreigners, including foreign residents working in Vietnam and foreign investors – those who want to hold the best opportunity of the strong development of the city.
With more than 30 years working in the real estate sector, Mr. Haig very careful in choosing a real estate project suitable to buy housing. It is reported that Haig had been living and working in Vietnam since 1992, have a deep understanding of the market here.
The new law on property ownership by foreigners in effect on the date 1-7-2015: Allow foreigners have a valid visa , as well as foreign companies and international organizations active in Vietnam are owned houses and apartments . Foreigners are allowed to own up to 30 % of the apartments in any apartment buildings, or 250 homes in a ward in the country.