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Old French Style House In District 1


French style house with front yard for a garden or car park. 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, master bedroom has a nice terrace, fully furnished and located in the quiet neighborhood of district 1, only 15 minutes to downtown. Surrounding the house you can enjoy a famous restaurant “Cuc Gach”, coffee shop, waking to Hai Ba Trung st, you meet a lot of pharmacies, fashion shop and traditional Vietnamese market Tan Dinh where Western or Vietnamese ladies enjoy shopping there; especially Pet clinic if you have your pet so don’t worry when they get sick. This location is Tan Dinh ward of district 1, house for rent here is popular to the expats too.

Rent is flexible for long term lease. This is a rare house in the market when most landlord wants to tear out the old colonial French house to build a modern house even most people appreciates this style, this house is a great house for rent in  district 1, Ho Chi Minh city.  

* Lease has been extended in April 2015 until 2017, we will update if it will be available.


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