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Properties Management

Saigon Properties also can manage your Real Estate investments to optimize your earning power.
Your investment property can be taken care of by the professionals at Saigon Properties, leaving the client with very few worries or concerns about keeping tenants,
Taking care of tenant problems, maintenance problems, rent collection and deposits.
And over smooth operation of the clients property.
Saigon Properties will keep the clients property leased, bringing income to the client’s portfolio.
Any problems that arise are automatically taken care of for the client. The only contact that is needed is for authorizing payment for purchase of equipment in the property that require replacement, using s limit of spending, dictated by the client as a scale. No late night calls to the client by unhappy tenants. Saigon Properties handles everything.
The client only sees the deposits from the lease, not the problems of management.
Saigon Properties has long experience in these matters and knows where to find personnel, materials and services for the client.

Interior design
Saigon Properties can design the clients interior, whether for commercial or residential properties.
Whether it is for office or residence, the professionals at Saigon Properties can layout, choose colors and decor style in any genre that is desired by the client or tenant.
From modern, contemporary, traditional Western or Asian, the desires of the client can be realized. Something that the others in Vietnam cannot do.
Our professional are both Asian and western and can design and decorate any property to the tastes of the client.
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